Five things to look for in your insurance policy document

Life insurance stands as a unique financial instrument offering a triple advantage of risk coverage, long-term savings, and tax benefits. It provides financial protection by considering the current and future value of assets and liabilities. Despite the increasing awareness and acceptance of insurance in India, consumers must enhance their understanding of the purchased products.

Examining the policy document is crucial as it serves as a comprehensive guide outlining the coverage and terms of your insurance contract. Here are five essential parameters to assess upon receiving the policy documents:

  1. **Verify Personal Details:**

Ensure accuracy in personal data, including name, age, and health details, as these are vital for claims settlement. Incorrect or undisclosed information may lead to claim rejection by the insurer.

  1. **Analyse the Benefits:**

Align the benefits of your life insurance policy with your long-term goals. Scrutinize features such as the sum assured, premium amount, plan flexibility, and additional features like dynamic fund allocation. Verify if the product aligns with the promises made during the purchase.

  1. **Check the Riders:**

Examine the insurance contract to confirm the inclusion of any add-on covers, known as riders, that you may have purchased along with the life coverage.

  1. **Payment Tenure:**

Understand the exact premium payment tenure, as this is crucial for achieving the intended goals. Be cautious about misleading statements regarding short premium payment durations; life insurance is a long-term savings and protection tool.

  1. **Authenticate the Returns:**

Exercise caution regarding promised returns. Scrutinize the benefit illustrations provided in the policy documents, differentiating between guaranteed and non-guaranteed returns. Verify the actual returns achieved by similar investment vehicles, considering the long-term nature of life insurance.

By carefully assessing these key parameters, policyholders can ensure that their life insurance policies align with their financial objectives and provide the intended protection and savings benefits over the long term.

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